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Invasion Of The Machine Review


Doomsday is upon us. Our rap world as we know it has been invaded by an extraterrestrial contraption. Kinpee chronicles his invasion in his mixtape Invasion of the Machine,a follow up to his earlier effort Meta4rikal Insanity.

They Just Don’t Know

The mixtape opens with a sample of Jimi Hendrix’s cover of Earl King’s 60s signature song “Come On”. The production on this song is pretty impressive slightly reminiscent of the old Kanye West.He impressively morphs a love ballad into a good rap tune. A fine opener

Invasion of the Machine

“Kinpee is a prototype.Protocol of punchlines activated anytime he holds the mic”. The title track begins with ominous UFO-sque beats which resolves halfway through into a strangely familiar 90s rap beat.

The Machine

Together with the title track “Invasion of the Machine” this song defines the mixtape’s concept. It is quite evident that the concept of the mixtape means much more than a mere allegory to the rapper.The hunger in his voice is so evident.

Poetry Of The Insane II

Kinpee samples Tony Rebel’s reggae tune “If Jah” with production heavily laden with horns. He fesses up about how he owes all that he is to God. Twitter atheists won’t be amused

Birds Eye Freestyle

The third feature on the album sounds like a lost G.O.O.D Music tune due to its heavy soulful production. Good song. Good features

Carlo Gambino

“Fur coat,top hat,black on black.Tell the world Carlo Gambino back”

Undeniably the catchiest hook on the album.The famed head of the crime family Gambino may be long dead but the legend lives on. The young rapper expresses the desire to be the Carlo Gambino of the rap industry in the first song released from the mixtape .

Blow Ur Mind

A song which is consistent with the mixtape’s science fiction subject matter.


An alternative rap tune with production undeniably reminiscent of Shabazz Palaces’ acclaimed Black Up album. Jabben makes a second appearance on the mixtape , telling a poignant tale of a girl’s betrayal. The song ends with a familiar Daddy Lumba 90s hit of same title. Some girls are dangerous. Guess Daddy Lumba never lied.

U 4 Know

An upbeat song meant as a necessary vote of thanks to everyone who got the mixtape. Altogether a decent effort from the fledgling rapper.